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subl -n -w and using sublime text as git editor

subl -n -w and using sublime text as git editor

Postby xhpohanka on Fri Nov 16, 2012 8:22 am

I've got an idea to use Sublime Text as my git editor (on Linux). After a short googling I have found the advice to use subl -n -w command. Unfortunately it does not work as I expect.

At first subl -n does not open only new window, but also a window with all files that I have opened recently. Maybe this is the correct behavior as the option is called New window and not New instance.
The second issue is connected to first one with --wait parameter. It does not wait only to the closing of new window, but to closing all Sublime text windows, which makes it almost unusable as git editor, because I normally have the editor opened also for another work.

Does there please exist any solution to better integrate git and Sublime text?

best regards
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