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Xdebug, ST2, and Drupal

Xdebug, ST2, and Drupal

Postby drakythe on Fri Jan 11, 2013 3:48 pm

Hey all, I've been giving ST2 a trial run before I take the purchase plunge, and I was trying to see what sort of features it has. (answer: a lot!). Anyway, I was reading a few guides online specific to ST2 and Drupal development, and I think I have a really nice environment setup, the one thing I am missing though is debugging with xdebug. I have it partially working, but there is a problem: When I try to debug a drupal .module file the debugger doesn't seem to work. I followed this guide ( http://www.digitaldisseny.com/en/blog/1 ... bug-ubuntu ) in one of multiple attempts to get it working. It seems to work with the test case given in the guide (a simple $i = 0; $i++ loop). However, when I try to debug a drupal.module file, my drupal site simply loads, and the xdebug status window sits there, patiently waiting. When I set a break point in the exact same place using Netbeans, I get my expected site hang until I step through.

Any tips as to why xdebug might be struggling with drupal debugging?
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