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File previewing in Sublime Text 3

Re: File previewing in Sublime Text 3

Postby valeryan on Fri Jan 24, 2014 7:47 pm

I would like to add that if you have an entry in your sidebar menu for deleting files and you right click on a file also opens it in a preview tab. Then when you delete the file and confirm that you want it deleted the preview tab does not close. You then have to close it and go through the "close without saving" dialog. Deleting a file is very difficult with the preview function turned on. Maybe that will be better for some people :o because it help prevent accidental deletes but I find it to be slightly annoying. So, I had to turn file previews off even-though I really like the preview function.

I don't always delete files but when I do I delete them all.

ST3:3059 on Linux
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Re: File previewing in Sublime Text 3

Postby ntenney on Thu Jan 30, 2014 5:35 pm

OK, so here's my take on the file preview. I like the st3 way of doing it better than the st2 way. With st2, it could get confusing because if you had a file open for editing, and clicked on a file to preview, it looked (at least with some themes) that the file you were previewing was a file opened for editing, and named the same as the file you had been editing. But, I think that it should be more apparent that the file being previewed in st3 is in preview mode, and as has been mentioned, if I navigate away from the tab, it should close automatically. In other words, preview should not be functionally equivalent to opening the file for editing, or there shouldn't be a preview mode at all.
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Re: File previewing in Sublime Text 3

Postby bayxsonic on Thu Apr 10, 2014 4:32 pm

This definitely needs to be an option.
Every time I preview a build file, change tab and build again, ST3 actually opens the file and keeps it open, for no reason. I always end up with a lot of tabs that I never opened
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Re: File previewing in Sublime Text 3

Postby fgimian on Sun Jun 22, 2014 10:01 am

This is probably my biggest issue with ST3 right now. I believe that this is definitely a bug because when previewing files using Goto Anything, ST3 behaves exactly as ST2 did. But when using the sidebar, a tab is opened.

I really hope that this is either reverted or a setting is provided to switch this behaviour off.
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Re: File previewing in Sublime Text 3

Postby sammy on Wed Jul 09, 2014 1:38 am

I would like ST2 behavior back as well! I don't use tabs at all, and it's annoying having Cmd+Opt+(left/right arrow) toggle between files that aren't even visible in the "Open Files" view (I only use this view instead of tabs, because tabs are for noobs).
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Re: File previewing in Sublime Text 3

Postby mikem836 on Mon Mar 02, 2015 9:12 am

Now that we have some activity again, I'd like to revive this thread. Although I've tried several times to use ST3 and adjust to the new behavior, after a couple days of frustration, I find myself back on ST2 because of this feature alone. I like the preview feature and don't want to turn it off altogether. However, some themes don't even italicize the tab title, so the preview tab is indistinguishable from a regular (open for editing) tab. And regardless, I don't want the preview to stay open after I navigate away. I know some people like the ST3 behavior, so please it can just be an option.
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