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Vintage(ous) completeness?

Vintage(ous) completeness?

Postby karljs on Thu Mar 07, 2013 8:04 pm

I don't yet own a license for ST, but am thinking about purchasing one. One of the difference makers for me is the quality of the Vim emulation. Arrow keys are my enemy and while I find Vintage mode to be a good start, it's woefully inadequate for anything beyond simple commands. I see lots of pending pull requests and zero activity on the Vintage mode repository, which seems to imply it has become a much lower priority than adding new features.

Vintageous, on the other hand, has lots of activity and seems to have great potential. That said, I don't want to buy a license just to test Vintageous (it appears to be ST3-only). Can any experienced Vim users comment on how thorough it is, preferably including VintageousEx.
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