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Formatting and replacing line with Snippet

Formatting and replacing line with Snippet

Postby iota on Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:10 pm

I have the following snippet:

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    <content><![CDATA[console.log( ${TM_CURRENT_LINE/;$/$1/m}$0);]]></content>

Which will wrap a line/selection with console.log(); replacing any ';' characters in the line. This is what I want if I select the line, but If I run the snippet (via a key binding) on a line without selecting text, it will duplicate the text.


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// If I trigger the keybinding while the cursor is at the beginning of the following line, with no text selected:
// becomes...
console.log( exampleFunction()); exampleFunction();

I'd prefer it replace the whole line. Is this possible?
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