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Using wemux with ST2 - Pair to Linux with a Mac?

Using wemux with ST2 - Pair to Linux with a Mac?

Postby dastagg on Sun Mar 17, 2013 11:34 pm

I am trying to setup a remote Pair Programming session using wemux and ST2.

One is a ThinkPad running ArchLInux and the other is a Apple MBP running MacOS 10.8.3 and the MBP does not have X-server installed on it.

ST2 is installed on both PCs.

I am using the ArchLinux PC as the SSH/TMUX server and can connect to and use VIM in Pair Mode but if I try to run ST2, it opens up on the ArchLinux PC but on the MacOS PC it errors with: (sublime_text:2513): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display.

I have tried ssh xxx@<ip-address> and also ssh -X xxx@<ip-address> but neither worked. (yeah, I know, X-server is not installed on the Mac but I had to try it and I would really rather not install X-server on the Mac but if someone tells me: Oh Yeah, install it and then it WILL work, I will install it.)

I have not yet tried using the MBP as the wemux server and 1) Would rather not as it is easier to set up new user-id on Linux then MacOS and 2) The code is on ArchLinux PC so I really would like it to work with ArchLinux playing the server role.)

Any suggestions on how we can use wemux and ST2 to do Pair Programming?

P.S. As an aside: Can anyone share success stories of using wemux and ST2 and if so, what were the machines used? (Mac and Mac or Linux and Linux or Linux and Windows etc.)
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Re: Using wemux with ST2 - Pair to Linux with a Mac?

Postby wbond on Sun Mar 17, 2013 11:53 pm

Unless I am missing something, wemux seems to be built on tmux, which is a terminal multiplexer. You can pair with wemux and vim because vim runs in your terminal. Sublime Text does not run in a terminal.

I have not used it, but there is a package for ST2 and ST3 called Floobits that should allow for pairing.
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