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Question regarding ST3 goto Definition Window

Question regarding ST3 goto Definition Window

Postby Gnugamel on Mon Mar 18, 2013 7:54 am

i wonder if there is a way to reconfigure the gotodefinition Window, i.e. make it 2 Columns for example
The problem i have with it at the moment is the following use case:
You want to use a Function that returns the current ThreadId, so lets enter the searchterm getThreadId
now the goto Definition Windows shows up quite some entrys, e.g:
getThreadid .... and much more
but since you dunnot know which function is the right (otherwise why use go to defintion), you have to check the filenames, where this symbol appears.
The problem: this is only possible by choosing one and get another window. After noticing, it was the wrong decision, well you have to search again and more hard, remeber which getThreadIds you already tried
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