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Sublime Color Theme?

Sublime Color Theme?

Postby adyst on Wed May 26, 2010 7:51 am

Right now I'm trying out new color themes for sublime, but I'm having trouble installing the themes.. I hope I'm not missing anything, I've thoroughly searched the forum, scavenged the web- but with no success. Right now I'm trying out sublime's beta-portable version, and I've tried applying the theme file in .../Data/Packages/Theme-default folder, and in several other Package folders, but again, with no success.

Please help! And thank you everyone who responds in advance.

PS: I'm using themes from http://inspiration.sweyla.com/code/

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Re: Sublime Color Theme?

Postby jps on Wed May 26, 2010 1:16 pm

Generally you should place them in Data/Packages/User, but any directory under Data/Packages should work fine.

Once you've done that, they should appear under the Preferences/Apply Color Scheme menu.
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