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Want to like. =) Help!

Re: Want to like. =) Help!

Postby lancelot_one on Tue Apr 16, 2013 5:53 am

No worries, I actually understood, what you meant, even with the snippet of text. =) No prob.

Yeah I think sooner or later we'll just create a quick plugin that 1 click copies everything to test, and as well allows a person to right click files/folders and then automatically copies them to test, with a user config that allows you to set the test directory and any other needed options. And then release it back into the community. If there isn't one already.

I think that most test env directories, probably mirror both production env and in many cases development env directory structures. So should be a snap. And that will let us go back to using traditional ST2 projects and projects as they should be used.

That way we can go back to using a CodeBlinkk project, an IdeaBlinkk project, a test project plus other misc projects and have them each encapsulated as projects like they should be. Less mind bending. =) And then we can just Ctrl+Alt+P between the projects and the test project. Put us back to our normal projects.

We can then probably extend that plugin, to add a quick plugin that 1 click copies everything/files that have changed to a remote production server where needed. Also with a user config. Should be easy enough. Then release that to the community.

We, much probably like you create most everything in reusable libraries as we see this as sort of a bootstrap system that allows a person to quickly create all kinds of different online software applications and software patterns and then infinitely customize them to make them your own. So we may not have too much use for emmet, as we are usually customizing or extending something or starting with a pattern to jumpstart the process and to reuse, reuse and save time. =)

We do actually create a development center tool called CodeBlinkk, for people to fully customize their stuff, as long as they know PHP, CSS and some javascript or if they don't the development center, CodeBlinkk will actually hold their hands, from new to software to pro. So I'll take a quick peek at the ScopeHunter could be helpful. And we are coming out with an API so I hope the doc stuff plugins here helps us out a bit.

My apologies to anyone listening for any of the information above, I just wanted to make sure to answer his question.

Once we actually create the plugins above I think that refresh thing will be less of a bother, since we'll be able to switch to and open an actual test project in ST2.

You'd be surprised how close our development is to regular shrink wrapped software development. =) Except instead of deploying to a computer, we deploy to a server on the web and to phones, smart devices and iPads and Android tablets.

I'll give all this some thought, thanks again for your help!


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