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Postby Saxi on Fri Apr 19, 2013 12:56 am

Is there a bug with $ProjectDir or something?

I am trying to get my build system to run main.lua with Corona Simulator when pressing Control/Command B. I want it to find the main.lua regardless of what file (in any sub directory) of my project.
On windows the following statement in my build system works like a champ (even without defining a project).

"working_dir": "${folder}/",

In OSX I get an error when launching Corona Simulator and it doesn't work.
So I tried changing ${folder} to ${ProjectDir} and $projectdir, when I do I get a message it cannot find C:\main.lua, it only returns C:\ as my project directory, regardless if I save a project file or not.

I would like a cross platform way to have my build system use main.lua in the root folder of whatever folder I have open to edit (preferably without having to save a project).

I am curious, what does Sublime do to set the "working_dir" in a build system on OSX differently that would cause a problem.
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