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Feedback from a happy "customer"

Feedback from a happy "customer"

Postby chbrenne on Tue Jul 02, 2013 9:38 pm

I just wanted to post how pleased I am with SublimeText. For me it is simply the best editor/IDE out there. And I tried many (UltraEdit, Eclipse PDT, NetBeans, Vim and DreamWeaver. Even Microsoft products.). One of the things which made me buy ST in the first place is it's speed and "sleekness". I never opened files that fast in any other editor IDE (OK, maybe except Vim or nano). Also the syntax highlighting is very decent. I mean, have seen far far worse.

For the support: It isn't the best one out there, but I do not care. I mean, I only would need support if I found a really bad bug or so. It is a text editor, what the fuck need I support for other than that? How to open files? And as far as I see it, bug reports and feature requests are processed pretty fast. Most of the time.

The editor is used primary as an IDE for PHP/HTML&CSS/JavaScript development and replacement for gedit on my system. With the right plugins (linter) and theme (Soda) it does more than a good job for what I need it. Even the projects feature is more than enough for me. Just for context sake: My largest project has over 350 files, my smallest around 10. Most of the project stuff is done in git (branches) (or *an other scm application/tool*) anyway. So mostly I am using the projects/folder side panel only for accessing files. And even for that there are faster ways (built-in).

I am planning to use it for a very long, long time and would pay full price for the update. Hell, I would even pay far more than it costs now. Without even thinking for a second about it. For me, this editor is worth every penny.
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Re: Feedback from a happy "customer"

Postby MystickPhoenix on Wed Jul 03, 2013 1:36 pm

I'd like to add my voice and say that except for a few *minor* bugs, I absolutely LOVE this editor. I happily paid for it and will, in all likelihood, pay for the next upgrade release.
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