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Help with ST2 JAVA configuration. MacOS X

Help with ST2 JAVA configuration. MacOS X

Postby AlanVzzz on Thu Aug 15, 2013 6:08 pm

Hello, I'm totally new on using Sublime Text. I want to use to develop in JAVA. Moved from using Jcreator to Netbeans and a teacher told me to try Sublime Text 2.

What I've seen it looks amazing. And would really love to use it.

So how do I start...?? I changed the extension to Java ofcourse. But I get the error "Main Class was not found" (in Spanish) but yeh sometimes that happens because of Path.

My question how do I get it to work..?? I would love an easy guide to make it work with JAVA. Also, if you are Java developer and have used ST2 for it, would love to have some lovely and useful plugins.

Thanks you before hand for the help. All feedback is welcomed!! :lol:
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