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how to handle vendors with ctags

how to handle vendors with ctags

Postby doppelgengar on Fri Aug 16, 2013 4:47 pm

Hi, im new to Sublime and installed the ctags plugin, but im missing a certain behavior when rebuilding.
Consider my project's hierarchy approx. like this:


I have a lot of vendor code, that changes very rarely, so i don't want it to be indexed by ctags every time when i rebuild.
So far I have only seen that people either
-exclude vendors at all, so they cannot access them via ctrl+t ctrl+t
-index vendors every time they rebuild, which is slow

what i would like to have is that vendor files are indexed once (and can be updated manually if needed) and mycode is updated on rebuild.

my plan is to make a .tags file in vendors manually and configure ctags in my project to use a custom script that copies vendor/.tags and then appends
ctags -R -f -a --exclude="vendor" .tags

im really unsure about this, is there maybe a better solution i didn't discover yet. or do you have better ideas?

thx in advance!
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