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SublimeCodeIntel and Other Python Plugins

SublimeCodeIntel and Other Python Plugins

Postby 012anonymousxyz on Sat Sep 21, 2013 4:53 pm


I heard a lot of good things about sublime text 2 and thought I would give it a try, but I'm experiencing a lot of trouble.

I don't require much from an IDE, but something that is a must have is some sort of intelli system that gives me a list of the functions from an import or object or something.

Therefore, I resolved to try out SublimeCodeIntel, which I heard a lot about.

Unfortunately though, it is not working! I import math and then try math (dot ) and control-shift-space but no options come up.

It works for SOME javascript functions/objects but by no means shows all the options.

What other plugins are good and why isn't sublimecode intel working for python and extensively for javascript?

Are all plugins like this? Sort of, bad, hit and miss...

I can't think that I'm right against the huge masses that love this text editor, so I must be doing something wrong.
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Re: SublimeCodeIntel and Other Python Plugins

Postby MystickPhoenix on Mon Sep 23, 2013 1:57 pm

I've had great luck with Anaconda (https://github.com/DamnWidget/anaconda). It's quick, provides some very light IDE features (go to definition, etc), and has linting built in. The dev is very quick to respond, active, and very open to listening to what the users want. I use it daily for my python developing.
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