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More color highlightning schemes (for PHP)

More color highlightning schemes (for PHP)

Postby clarkk on Sat Oct 12, 2013 9:25 am


I'm new to sublime text and I think its fast and has a very simple layout! :)

But.. I don't think any of the highlightning color schemes (algorithms) work very well.. I'm used to code in UltraEdit and I think their hightlight color schemes work very (!) well (the algorithm), because you get a super fast grasp of the code

So I'm looking for a highlightning color schemes/algorithms which look more like that :)
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Re: More color highlightning schemes (for PHP)

Postby qgates on Thu Oct 17, 2013 4:12 am

I don't know UltraEdit since I last played with it in the 90's and you're not specific about what it is you want / don't like.

So here's some general info. Colouring in sublime is configured in two XML files:

1) the .tmLanguage file for the language (in this case PHP.tmLanguage), which defines the scopes that define different syntactical elements and rules about which scopes can be applied in what context.
2) the .tmTheme file which determines the colours that are applied to the scopes defined in (1).

When you switch colour schemes, you are swapping between some tmTheme files supplied with Sublime ie. 2 above, although both file types can be modified to whatever extent you wish.

There are many community packages with new colour schemes (tmTheme files) and probably some people have created their own PHP .tmLanguage files to override default behaviour as well.

If you want to play with some new colour schemes, I'd recommend the Base16 theme package which is available on package control, or the original Tomorrow / Tomorrow Night themes by the same author.

As the file extensions suggest, these files are compatible with Textmate so you can use tmLanguage and tmTheme files designed for that editor also.

I also recommend taking a look at this GUI tmTheme file editor if you want to roll your own, though there's no equivalent for making tmLanguage files that I know of.

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Re: More color highlightning schemes (for PHP)

Postby vostok4 on Thu Oct 17, 2013 10:37 am

Which theme are you using in UltraEdit specifically, or can you share screenshots? I use ST3 for a lot of PHP editing and don't have any problems so far with the syntax highlighting, but I accept that might be just being used to it :)
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