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Sublime Text X 20111106

Re: Sublime Text X 20111106

Postby reddshack on Sat Jan 08, 2011 8:20 pm

The ability to single-click (or maybe a double-click?) a folder name in the sidebar to expand/collapse its contents in addition to clicking the arrow next to the folder name could be helpful.

Also, when you click on a certain point in the minimap to advance the view, the resulting view overshoots your expected location.
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Re: Sublime Text X 20111106

Postby Tanaric on Mon Jan 10, 2011 9:17 pm

jps wrote:Firstly, thanks for the bug reports! Some responses:
Tanaric wrote:Bug report: pasting into an empty buffer crashes Sublime Text on Linux (and has for the last couple releases).

This doesn't happen for me. What distribution are you using?

Company-modified Ubuntu 10.04. Running from a command line just gives 'segmentation fault' -- is there a log I can include to help diagnose?

jps wrote:And for the non-bug related queries:
Tanaric wrote:It'd be nice if clicking "find" or (especially) "find all" in the normal Ctrl+F find window moved the keyboard focus to the found result. Currently you have to click "find all" and then hit Escape to close the Find bar to actually use the results.

Incremental find (Ctrl+I) has this behaviour: type, press enter, and the panel will be hidden. Find All will close the panel when pressed in the next version.

Great, thanks for the advice!
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Re: Sublime Text X 20111106

Postby marksteve on Tue Jan 11, 2011 4:43 am

Word wrapping in multiple panes doesn't work quite right. When two panes share window width, there are still scrollbars even if word wrapping is on. I guess it wraps with the whole window width and not the pane width.
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Re: Sublime Text X 20111106

Postby GreyWyvern on Fri Jan 28, 2011 9:14 pm

reddshack wrote:Also, when you click on a certain point in the minimap to advance the view, the resulting view overshoots your expected location.

Yesh, I've noticed this too. It looks like it's going to the proportional position in the file rather than the bringing the precise block of text which you clicked into view. For instance, if I'm editing a long file full of many functions and I see the Foo() function definition a ways down in the minimap, if I click that precise area in the minimap, I'd expect the Foo() function to be brought into view in the main window. Instead the main view will scroll to a position in the file proportional to the vertical position of your click on the minimap.

Perhaps I'm overlooking an option to change this?
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