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Getting started with C# in Sublime Text 3

Getting started with C# in Sublime Text 3

Postby MKANET on Tue Nov 26, 2013 12:29 am

I just installed "C# Compile and Run" & "Completion" packages.

I have the path to my .NET 4.0 C# compiler and other .NET executables in my System path.

However, I have two issues:

1. How do I get intellisense-like autocompletion working? I thought that loading "Completion" would do that automatically for me as I type.

2. Don't laugh, but does ST3 load C# Visual Studio project/solution files? Or, is it a ST3 "Project" proprietary way of opening a collection of files? What's the best practice for opening up a VS Project/Solution's respective files quickly in ST3? Or, is ST3 meant only to open single files; unrelated to each other; unless I manually save a collection of files as a ST3 "project"?

Anyway, I'm hoping someone would be kind enough to get me started with the essentials (packages, system and ST3 settings, etc for developing C# code in ST3.

Thanks so much in advance!
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