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Fuzzy search without order

Fuzzy search without order

Postby mndrix on Thu Dec 19, 2013 3:01 pm

I have a file in my project named "foo/bar/baz.txt" With Go To Anything, I can enter "foo baz .txt" to find it. However I don't often remember whether "foo" or "baz" comes first in the path hierarchy. I'd like ".txt baz foo" to find the same file. Is this currently possible in Sublime Text? Can it be implemented with a plugin? Fuzzy searching in Komodo IDE works this way and I find it quite helpful.

Here's my reasoning: the order in which path components come to mind is the order in which I type them, but that "internal memory order" rarely matches the path hierarchy. For example, my mental process goes something like this:

* I want a text file (types ".txt")
* It has to do with foo (types "foo")
* Now that I see the list of matches, I realize that I must refine it to only baz items (types "baz")

I'm using Sublime Text 3 Build 3059.
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Re: Fuzzy search without order

Postby jbrooksuk on Thu Dec 19, 2013 4:02 pm

This trips me up sometimes too. I search for a file that I know has foo and bar in, but never which order (generated files). So it's hard to find it.
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