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not an ST3 problem but need help..

not an ST3 problem but need help..

Postby mark4 on Thu Dec 26, 2013 11:01 pm

im doing alot of editing of files over a VNC connection. im using both ST3 and IntelliJ IDEA. Everything has been going great right up until 2 or 3 days ago when within IDEA the control key edit functions such as cut and paste just suddenly stopped working. they were working fine in ST3 at that time.

Today however, all X applications that I run on the remote desktop (including St3) now refuse to accept any control key sequences. This makes editing majory painful and i am at my whits end trying to resolve this. I know the control keys are being sent because i if i open a terminal on the remote desktop and press control C it echos ^c. If i press control D the terminal closes. In DIEA, ST3, Xchat etc no control key works.

I have uninstalled tigervnc on both machines, installed tightvnc (which refuses to open any connections what so ever, it gets as far as authenticating and stalls outright). These are the only two client/server versions of vnc that are in portage (gentoo user) and i wont use any applcations that are outside of portage.

I am trying to find out what could cause this to happen, my development is no utterly stalled and dead ended because having to "move mouse. pointy clickly, move mouse, pointy clickky pointy clicky, move mose, pointy clicky" for every operation is just way too painful. any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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