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SQL Intellisense-Style Support

SQL Intellisense-Style Support

Postby adamcunnington on Tue Jun 24, 2014 12:48 pm


I'm looking for a plugin that either does this or suggestions on how to build a plugin with functionality...

Intellisense is a Microsoft SQL-Server editor built-in feature with autocompletion for your tables, columns etc. It's basically the same sort of stuff that http://sublimecodeintel.github.io/SublimeCodeIntel/ provides but with auto-completion for your database tables and columns etc.

I've managed to convert sublime text editor into an interactive SQL editor by creating a build system and having my query output to a different file viewable in sublime text. However, I obviously can't autocomplete table names etc. with SublimeCodeIntel - even if it did support SQL, it would need a way of pulling this logic into sublime text via some api / sql commands.


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Re: SQL Intellisense-Style Support

Postby rush on Wed Jun 25, 2014 8:19 pm

I am not sure what platform you're on but I saw a similar need working on OSX and not wanting to always have to run a VM to use management studio. I managed to fork an existing plugin (SqlExec) get working enough be able to query MSSQL through SQSH. I recently started looking into adding autocompletion for table and column names to the plugin based off some examples in another plugin (MySublimeQL).

It's rather crude in comparison to management studio but has been enough to let me do a good deal of my DB interaction through sublime text.

If you're on windows you could probably use this as a basis to get it working with Sqlcmd.

Here's where you can find what I had so far https://github.com/jlangston/sublime-sq ... tocomplete

Pull requests are welcome.
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