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Dev Build 2082

Re: Dev Build 2082

Postby alexrussell on Fri Jul 15, 2011 9:15 am

+1 on the select-and-scroll issue. Started in 2081.

What appears to be happening is that the selection is only relative to the original mouse position. So if you start a selection by clicking and holding the mouse, then use the middle wheel to scroll the document, the then move the mouse up a couple of lines, the original selection becomes two lines rather then the two lines you moved PLUS the amount you scrolled.

The same kinda thing happens when you get to the top and bottom of the editor area. You can move the mouse outside of the window and the respective number of lines gets selected, but no more. The text buffer doesn't 'autoscroll' with the mouse, instead it ignores the fact that you've gone outside and selects the lines as it normally would, up until the limits of the monitor's height. The problem is that it appears that the buffer's autoscrolling but then stopping doing so, but what's actually happening is that the newly selected lines (which were out of view) are being scrolled into view as they are added to the selection. This is normal (and good) but obviously the 'autoscroll buffer as mouse leaves visible area in the context of a selection' seems to have been disabled.

I wonder if it's because of the changes that may have been required in order to accommodate directwrite (even if directwrite is not actually enabled), but that's only speculation.

Great product by the way, there are a few niggles, but there are so many great points about this editor, and you're never going to be able to please everyone, so keep up the good work.

(Also, +1 on the text cursor issue - my specific issue here is not the minimap or any other UI element except inactive tabs. They still have an I-beam cursor when you hover over them. Interestingly, the active tab does not, just inactive ones. But this is a very minor complaint compared to above. Also introduced in 2081 I think.)
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