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Dev Build 2099

Dev Build 2099

Postby iamntz on Mon Aug 08, 2011 2:41 pm

I'm coming from the future (august, 9, 2011!) and I present you dev build 2099 :ugeek:
Some of the changes:

OSX: Improved tool tip key binding descriptions
Fixed enter not working as expected with a find panel open (2098 regression)
Fixed PHP commenting regression in 2098
Fixed a minor issue with unindent
OSX: Fixed Quit not quitting until the next input event
Vintage: Fixed an undo related issue
Vintage: Fixed paste as EOF
Vintage: Fixed j, l, space not working correctly in visual mode
Vintage: Added motions H, M, L, thanks to Guillermo
Vintage: % accepts a repeat count, to go to a fraction of the file, thanks to Guillermo
Vintage: Improved repeat in conjunction with visual mode
API: Added sublime.score_selector(scope, selector)
API: Added view.score_selector(point, selector)
API: Added view.find_by_selector(selector)
API: view.scope_name() now returns scope components in the expected order. view.syntax_name() is still available for compatibility

Enjoy! :mrgreen:

Wondering how hard it is to add a theme setting for bracket style (somehow disappointed about this :( )
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