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Invalid location_history breaks/crashes "Find In Files"

Invalid location_history breaks/crashes "Find In Files"

Postby jburnett on Mon Aug 29, 2011 8:23 pm

I just ran into two bugs (one's a crasher). This is Windows build 2108, if it matters.

1 - Somehow, the top entry in my session's "location_history" setting got an embedded newline (e.g. "K:\\dev\\pipeline\\\nK:\\dev\\pipeline"). When using "find in files", I get the error "Unable to open /K/dev/pipeline", which caused a lot of confusion until I figured out what was happening (since the location does exist). I *think* the embedded newline got in there by my accidentally hitting ctrl-enter in the "find in file" location field (which does indeed enter a newline). The embedded newline is not at all obvious in the dialog, and from the user's point of view, "find in files" just stops working.

2 - When cancelling a big "find in files" search, I'm getting a crash. For me, these steps repro every time:
1 - ctrl-shift-f to bring up find in files
2 - Set the location to something that will kick off a big search (e.g. the root of a drive)
3 - As the search runs, click in the search results buffer
4 - Hit ctrl-w to close the buffer (using the hotkey seems to be important)
Result - crash

Lastly, is this the best forum for bug reports?
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