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BUG Program Stops Rendering

BUG Program Stops Rendering

Postby raklet on Wed Sep 28, 2011 1:17 pm

I am using dev version 2125, but this has occurred since I installed regular build 2111 and in every dev version after that. I will be typing and suddenly the program will stop rendering what I am typing.

For example I might type the following:

Code: Select all
belongs_to :user, :index => 'assignment_user_join_index'

I'll get partway into typing it

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belongs_to :use

and then nothing more will be displayed. At this point, additional key presses do not appear to do anything.

  • I can click on the sidebar and the highlight focus will change to show the sidebar is active, but the sidebar does not respond to clicks
  • I can click on file tabs. Each tab that I click will show that it has the current focus and the path to the file will be updated in the menu bar, but the contents of the file on the page does not change. It is frozen to whatever file I was viewing at the time.
  • I can click on menu items such as "file", "edit", "selection", etc. The menus will drop down and offer me selections. Choosing items from the menus does not appear to do anything.

At first, I would just kill ST2 and then start it back up, but I later discovered that doing an "alt+tab" on my keyboard to another program and then switching back to ST2 would free the program up. I have also discovered that any key presses I make after the program stops responding are all captured and dutifully entered, so the program is working, just the display is not responding.

  • Whatever I type in the file I am working on after the display stops rendering will show up after I "alt+tab" out and back in.
  • Whatever actions I might have clicked on in the menu bar occur - even though they don't show that they are happening.
  • If I switch to another file tab (even the display doesn't change other than the tab taking focus) and type something, what I type will show up in the file after the display starts working again.
  • Same goes for clicks on the sidebar.

Using the mouse to change focus to other applications will not unfreeze ST2 - only killing it or using "alt+tab" will unfreeze it.

I am using Ubuntu 11.04 with Unity Desktop. I suppose the problem could lie with the desktop because Unity does some quirky things occasionally, but I have not seen this issue in other applications.
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