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Override syntax specific word_wrap settings

Override syntax specific word_wrap settings

Postby ckhoo on Wed Oct 26, 2011 1:51 am


One of the features that makes Sublime so awesome to use is the indented wrapping of long lines of code.

But I noticed in the recent release, that you can define individual word_wrap settings for all syntaxes (php, ruby, matlab, etc.). And I think it is off by default for many extensions.

Is it possible to have an override where the it always obeys the word_wrap setting? It just seems odd that the user setting is ignored in favor of the individual syntax-specific settings for the word_wrap setting.

I do understand its rationale - I can think of instances where I might turn it off (e.g. CSV files) but I think the user settings should override the individual syntax-specific settings to make configuration easier.

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