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Sublime for straight prose?

Re: Sublime for straight prose?

Postby micromatic on Tue Oct 11, 2011 2:20 pm

Hi all,

I'm absolutely no coder and I'm also using Sublime Text only for prose. I bought registration-key a few days ago after a 4 week testing period. And I must say, I love writing with sublime, cause it feels great and it's so easy to switch between different documents (different scenes of a story) in fullscreenmode and the minimap is just wonderful, cause it reacts spontaneously and it's as if you got the text directly in your hands. I had spent an hour making around with settings, experimented with wrap, ruler and minimap size and other things, but I had no real problem to get it perfect for my writing demands. Everything looks and works great on my screen. But I have to say, I use only Sublime 1.4, cause I could'nt find out how to get version 2 working for my demands, I don't really understand how the setting of Sublime 2 works. But never mind, as 1.4 is really really the best thing I can imagine for writing my texts; to make it even more perfect, I additionally installed word count and of course automaticbackup.

... it's just great!

Thanks a lot for this editor!

Greetings to all and keep on keepin on,


PS: My english is not very good, sorry.
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