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Get Sublime Text Key Bindings From Visual Studio Shortcuts

Get Sublime Text Key Bindings From Visual Studio Shortcuts

Postby alexdresko on Mon Mar 05, 2012 9:46 pm

Didn't know where I was supposed to post this and don't really have time to figure it out.. Still, it's neat enough that I thought others could use. Please contribute if you can/want.

By running this macro in Visual Studio 2010, you'll get a list of Sublime Text 2 keyboard bindings that you can copy/paste into your user-specific key binding file in Sublime Text. A couple of things: It's not super pretty (I just hacked it together really quickly) and, to date, it only supports Visual Studio's Edit.NextBookmark and Edit.ToggleBookmark commands. Someone with a lot of time needs to go through and flush out the "dict" collection to map all of Visual Studio's commands to the corresponding commands in Sublime Text. Seems to work very well for me, but I put it here on Gist in case anyone wants to help complete the project.

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