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I love Sublime!

I love Sublime!

Postby Shakko on Mon Apr 21, 2008 2:35 pm

Hey guys,

I'll make this pretty quick. I've been looking around for my editor of choice on windows for a very long time. I've tried e text-editor but I didn't like how it required CYGWIN to run, and I loved intype but development for that has been extremely slow. So, I found a link on the intype forums for this new editor called Sublime. Being pretty curious about it, I checked it out and was blown away.

I love the multi-pane views -- I've always wanted to do this on my other editors but couldn't find out how or wait long enough for the devs to code it in! Another really awesome feature is the minimap -- very innovative.

I can't wait till we can design our own themes, and if possible, modify the way the text is rendered. I love the way OS X renders text, and I use textmate as my primary editor of choice -- however, I still have to deal with a windows box. I like cleartype very much, but something about the way the text is rendered in OS X just looks good. I know that Safari for windows renders it in the same style -- would it be possible to somehow use its API to do that?

Anyway, just wanted to thank the developer for making such an awesome program! I hope for a really bright future for Sublime!

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Re: I love Sublime!

Postby jps on Mon Apr 21, 2008 3:21 pm

Hi Shakko - Welcome to the forums! I'm glad you're enjoying Sublime :)

I believe Safari on Windows works by just embedding large parts of the OS X font rendering code, and not using the native Windows font renderer at all - as far as I'm aware, it doesn't expose any interface for other applications to make use of it.
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