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Select full tag?

Re: Select full tag?

Postby EJ12N on Mon Nov 23, 2009 11:53 pm

ow1n wrote:Hmmm... If the author is badmouthing it maybe I should reconsider? And you'll have to go back quite a bit farther to guess my editor: ColdFusion Studio 5 (basically HomeSite), even though I haven't touched ColdFusion in years.

I take it you're not pursuing development of your WebDevelopment package sublimator?

is quite good package, believe me I use it a lot in when I'm in coding mode :P
It does have some glitches and is NOT perfect. It behaves at least 98% of the time for me. All features work as expected.

Only downside is the xml parser the plugin uses which is VERY strict, and I mean strict as in using " " the parsers craps out ( USED TO!, sublimator patched this for us! :) )
I think sublimator is bad mouthing it because the plugin doesn't meet his coding ethics and standards (which I know are very HIGH lol) and of course is a little buggy in some cases. And it will fustrate the hell out of the regular user. I think any average coder will be good. *If your new to HTML and know nothing about coding and standards don't use this package, it will fustrate u lol*

I use it all the time I highly recommend u use it if you do a lot of web coding, it works wonders and saves a shit load of time specially when the document gets big. I recommend u stack it with ZenCoding package for a truly powerful HTML/XML coding experience! Trust me on this ;) I been using these packages ever since they were babies lol :D

It's unlikely that it well ever work as nicely as notepad++, the editor I'm guessing he's coming from.

Light years ahead of it... only advantage npp has is the highlighting of matching tag... nothing else.
And really I don't miss it at all and I don't even think is an advantage... why?

I can select beginning and ending tag easily... to rename perhaps
I can jump back and forth to end or beginning tag whenever I want to.
I can jump back and forth between all children of a certain tag.
I can jump back and forth between all tags in my documents.
I can select content inside the tags whenever I need to replace something. (works with multiple selections too)
I can "pretty print" / tidy, tags (and their children) automatically.
I can use jquery syntax to select my tags... ex: ul#nav; li.something; td:even; etc...

I don't see why I would need the highlighting of the tags other than for looks. Notepad++ will probably never have this power I don't even think other editor out there can match it. (maybe vim or emacs :P)
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