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Find in files view

Find in files view

Postby craig.francis on Thu Sep 27, 2012 12:37 pm

This might be for a plugin/extension, or a colour scheme issue... but coming from TextMate, the only issue I'm having is the "find in files", which returns the results as a big text file (very much like the output from grep).

Unfortunately this is more like a "wall of text" rather than a clearly defined UI, that shows the matching results, and the file paths.

Ideally I'd like to click on an item and have it clearly selected, so when I return to the results I can clearly see what the next match is.

Likewise I'd like to be able to hold down the [cmd] or [shift] key to be able to make a selection of files to do a "search and replace" in the selected files:


I am aware of the "use buffer" toggle to keep the results at the bottom of the window... which is my preference, as having it appear as a tab makes it look like a file within the project (I do currently prefer a new/sparate window, but this might change the more I use it).

Also, as it is a load of text, is it possible to remove the line numbers (e.g. "Searching X files for" being on line 1)... they don't really mean anything in this context, as its also showing the line number of the match within the file (which is more useful).
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