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Need help with pdfs and not hurt my rankings

Need help with pdfs and not hurt my rankings

Postby taina on Thu Sep 27, 2012 1:42 pm

Hi Everyone,

I'm hoping someone can help me. I hope there's an obvious solution to this, but I can't figure this out.

My WP Sublime website has several (about 50) pdfs that are catalogs from manufacturers I represent. I guess I've done okay with SEO, because the pdfs on my website are often coming up 1 and 2 on google, even before the manufacturers, when someone searches for a technical term that is in the document. Several of these pdfs have become my highest ranked entry and exit pages on my site.

Here's the problem. When I published these pdfs on my website, I didn't put my company contact information in them. So, I'm essentially providing free catalog services for my manufacturer and the users are using my site for the catalogs, then going "who knows where" to buy the product. I should have thought of this at the beginning when developing the site, but I never thought these pdfs would end up being my highest entry and exit pages on my website. I thought users would just use them as a tool from the links on my pages.

I want to have my contact information, or a 'contact us' button on these pdfs without hurting my rankings.

Here's the solutions I've come up with:
1) Embed the pdfs in a frame with my company contact info. Problem with this is the search engines will still rank the pdf file itself and send directly to the pdfs.
2) Try to do a redirect for each pdf link to my embed page. Problem with this is I think it will eventually hurt my ranking once google sees its just a redirect.
3) Edit each pdf file. I'd like to avoid doing this for each file, but will if I have to, and also wondering if my modification of the pdf will somehow hurt my ranking.

Ideally, I'm looking for a plugin where I can have a default that every time a pdf is pulled up on my website, it automatically also displays in a frame,or I can add a 'contact us' button and won't hurt my rankings.

Any thoughts? I really appreciate your help!
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