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Stop Project files from "auto updating"?

Stop Project files from "auto updating"?

Postby handycam on Wed Oct 03, 2012 3:34 pm

I often need to save a project with up to 10 files scattered across 3 or 4 servers, it's a good way to remind myself which files are involved in a given project.

However, projects seem to update themselves automatically if I close a file in it, or open an un-related file by mistake.

I would prefer it in saving the contents of a project was a conscious act on my part, i.e. "Save Project". This way, if I close a file or two by mistake and then have to quit Sublime, I can re-open my project with all the original documents in the project, including those ones I had closed.

Especially since a project is saved as a document, I don't want the document changing its contents unless I explicitly do it via "save".

Am I missing something, can this be done already?
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