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Symbol navigation (cmd+r/ctrl+r) not working in C files

Symbol navigation (cmd+r/ctrl+r) not working in C files

Postby omeraloni on Fri Nov 16, 2012 11:48 pm

The compiler I'm using (IAR embedded workbench for ARM) requires me to use extern "C" declaration.
Basically, my code would look like this:
Code: Select all
#include "foo.h"

#ifdef __cplusplus
   extern "C" {

       Actual code

#ifdef __cplusplus

ST2 recognizes the file as C files (and that's correct), but it ignores everything within the extern "C" declaration, and thus all symbols declared are missing from Ctrl+R key binding.
Any way to overcome this issue?


I've attached a sample code, try to navigate it with cmd+r/ctrl+r; now comment extern "C" and try to navigate again, it works.
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