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Block selections are kinda weird, how to fix?

Block selections are kinda weird, how to fix?

Postby thany on Mon Nov 19, 2012 1:15 pm

I'm used to making block selection by holding Alt in addtion to regular selection. So, Shift+Alt+arrow to select by key, and Alt+LMB to select by mouse. Currently, block selection is completely out of whack. It's like "expanding" the selection upwards or downwards by Ctrl+Alt+up/down. Aaah! basically I want it to behave like in Notepad++ or Visual Studio (latter one is a freaking horrorshow, but block selection is rather nice).

Also, I'm used to the multiline caret to be cancelled when using the arrow keys. Currently the column of carets is moving along with the arrow keys, but when using the arrow keys I want the caret to become normal again.

How to do this?
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