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Backspace not working correctly - Sublime Text 2

Backspace not working correctly - Sublime Text 2

Postby an-dev on Wed Dec 12, 2012 12:12 pm

Hello forum, I recently installed Sublime Text 2 on a near fresh install of Ubuntu 12.04 on a laptop and have had problems using the backspace key in certain parts of documents.

For example when on line 12 of a standard HTML document I am unable to backspace anything below that point, very odd.
On other files such as PHP and CSS documents I can sometimes only backspace before the 3rd or 4th line!
(Although this is only an example, the problem actually isn't document specific and is seems random with each different document no matter the extension)

I've tried hundreds of files and creating new ones and still this problem occurs I've checked the user key bindings and the default key bindings and everything is normal as compared to my other machines running Sublime Text 2.

My question is: Can this be resolved? Is this a build error? or is it some really simple like backspace prevention?

I've tried reinstalling the program 3 times from scratch each with the same results.

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