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Save files on network drive

Save files on network drive

Postby rzea on Thu Jan 03, 2013 6:57 pm


I've been looking around for this solution for a while and still haven't seen anything out there yet.

What I need is actually incredibly simple: I need a way to directly putting files in a network drive after saving them locally. Sort of like the "Automatic Upload" feature you find in Dreamweaver.

Here's an example of my workflow:

    1. I work locally on an HTML file. This means, I have a folder in my C:\ drive and in it all my HTML files
    2. Save the file locally, just press CTRL+S
    3. Then manually put the local file into the network drive
    4. Refresh my browser

Is there a way to have ST2 put the local file in the network drive after pressing CTRl+S?

This is not in any way FTP so no FTP plugins work, I already tried them.

Not sure why such a simple task is missing from the awesome set of functionalities that ST2 has already.

Any help in this is greatly appreciated.
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