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Installing a package

Installing a package

Postby sirwolf on Thu Jan 17, 2013 9:15 pm

Hi all
I am probably doing something very basic wrong.

I am trying to instal this package for a class I am taking online. github.com/seanjames777/SML-Language-Definition. This allows me to code the SML language.

I have installed package control, and copied the folder SML-Language-definition-master to my sublime packages folder. I open the command palette and type "Instal Packages" and cannot find the package. If I use "List Packages" I can see it. It says "No description provided No version" When I click on this it opens the folder, but when I click on the specific file it tells me Windows doesn't know what to do with the file.

I am lost and frustrated and may not be able to get back to this until the weekend, but I would appreciate any pointers in the right direction.

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