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How to disable automatic "tab jumps"?

How to disable automatic "tab jumps"?

Postby Fragments on Tue Jan 29, 2013 1:48 pm

I'm not sure how this is called but let's say I have a function like this:

Code: Select all
1.    function example() {
3.    }

Now if I press "tab" when I'm on line 2, the cursor is going to jump where the cursor ^ is, so in fact two tab characters are going to be inserted. However I'm already typing two tabs because I'm used to it from other editors (most don't have this feature) and so I end up inserting three. How would I go about disabling this feature?

And by the way, why does a cool, modern text editor like ST uses an outdated forum like phpBB and, oh god, BBCode? :P
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