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Do these Dreamweaver features exist in Sublime?

Do these Dreamweaver features exist in Sublime?

Postby webpython on Sat Feb 02, 2013 4:01 am


I have been looking for a Good IDE to replace Dreamweaver for a while now. I don't use 99% of the stuff in dreamweaver, only the code view and file / site manager. However i do really like the software and a few of the features. I was looking for something that would across both Linux and Windows, which Dreamweaver doesn't (i know i can use Wine, but i'd rather run something natively then through a windows emulator, and virutalbox seems overkill for one application). I did settle on Netbeans for a while because i could run it on Linux. I have recently come across sublime and im gutted i didnt come across it earlier. It runs great under both Linux and Windows, it's lightweight, fast and i love the dark theme and clean UI.

I am seriously considering buying a copy of Sublime, regardless of what's written below, however im just wondering if any of the following features are available in Sublime though, as i use them quite a lot in Dreamweaver.

1) When using Dreamweaver in code view, you can select some text and press CTRL+T, this allows you to wrap your selection in a HTML tag, when you are adding formatting to plain text, such as adding <p> and <a> tags to the text, it makes this process really quick and easy when you have a large amount of text to work with.

2) Duplicating Files with Dreamweaver through the file manager is simple, you select your file or folder and hit CTRL+D, your selection is then duplicated. When i am setting up files for a new site, it's easier to create a new file, then hit CTRL+D 6 times, then it is to right click and do 'New File' 7 times. Again another lazy thing, but it does help save a bit of time.

If i can currently do these things through sublime (i am using the latest version) how can i go about doing this? If not would it be possible to build these features in at some point, as they seem like fairly small, but useful additions.

Eitherway, i really like sublime, kudos to the Dev team for their great work!
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Re: Do these Dreamweaver features exist in Sublime?

Postby wallyfoo on Sat Feb 02, 2013 5:10 am

1. Control-shift-w will enclose your selection in a generic tag with the type highlighted for easy typing. Of course, the close tag gets updated, too. Support for zen coding via plugin makes you wonder quickly how you lived without it. Not to mention support for defining your own keystroke macros for doing stuff (my favorite is a pair of 'em that shoots to the end of a line and adds a semicolon or a semicolon and a new line with a keystroke).

2. Since a project is just a folder that resides on the filesystem, I can go in to the finder (I'm on OS X) and command-D my way to as many copies as I like. Changes show up in the project browser automagically in real time. Not sure if your window manager support such a thing, so there you go.
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