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Mulit line selection acting up with soft line wrap

Mulit line selection acting up with soft line wrap

Postby arvid on Fri Feb 08, 2013 8:55 pm

I'm having a really annoying issue with mull line selection (which is awesome by the way) together with soft wrapped lines.

If I try to multi line select code like this at the start of the line
Code: Select all
class MyNiceClass {

    private myVar;

    public function giveMeText()
        return "Lorem ipsum ullamco magna cupidatat cupidatat ullamco labore ut ut proident consequat proident ex fugiat culpa laboris ea quis exercitation culpa non ad Duis id in anim id non magna Excepteur qui in laboris dolore et reprehenderit quis anim in eu qui ex aliquip aliqua et irure voluptate ut consequat magna exercitation Excepteur do sit nulla velit enim cillum officia sed pariatur pariatur minim commodo Excepteur nulla ut ullamco quis consequat sit commodo magna Excepteur consectetur aliquip commodo deserunt";

I end up getting cursors on the start of each line (as I wanted) but also one cursor at the end of each soft wrapped lines (only lines that are completely wrapped though the first soft wrap doesn't get a cursor)

This is really annoying as it kills one of my uses of multi line selection...

Anyone has any tips about this?
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