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Toggle comment issue

Toggle comment issue

Postby jbjb on Fri Jul 11, 2008 6:35 pm

I'm finding the "toggle comment" command a little counter-intuitive. I'll usually use it to comment-out or -in a section of code, but if I select a section of code where, for example, just a couple of lines are already commented out, rather than commenting out the whole block (with double comments on the already commented out lines), it uncomments the subset of lines which are already commented. I can then repeat the command to comment out the whole block, but when I later come to uncomment it back in, the orginally commented out lines are no longer commented - this has caught me out a couple of times. I've not explained this very well, so if it's not clear please shout and I'll give some examples.

The behaviour is quite reasonable, just "not what I expect" - is it intended?

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