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Support for CentOS 5.4 / statically linked Sublime Text bin

Support for CentOS 5.4 / statically linked Sublime Text bin

Postby marc on Wed Feb 27, 2013 1:47 am


I have heard good things about Sublime Text 2 and would like to try it out, but it does not run on my CentOS 5.4 workstation.
It seems that Sublime Text 2 requires newer versions of some libraries and that others had problems with it on CentOS/RHEL too:

http://sublimetext.userecho.com/topic/2 ... tosrhel-5/
http://sublimetext.userecho.com/topic/9 ... ux-builds/

Is a statically compiled binary available upon request now or some other solution to get it to run on CentOS/RHEL?
I haven't found a definite "it won't work" or "it will work with this" answer.

It runs fine for me on Ubuntu Studio 12.10, but that is not my primary work environment.


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