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Code Folding Submenu Bug

Code Folding Submenu Bug

Postby utzon on Sat Mar 02, 2013 2:25 pm


Running Sublime Text on a non-english keyboard on Mac OS X 10.8.2 which makes the default keyboard shortcuts for fold and unfold inaccessible (shortcuts using [ and ] do not work on several non-english keyboards as [ and ] are accessible only using modifier keys - alt+8 and alt+9 - and this doesn't play with the additional modifiers that the shortcut requires).

So I tried to change them using the standard procedure in System Preferences - Keeyboard Preference Pane. There I add a new shortcut for Sublime Text and name it thus:

Edit->Code Folding->Fold = cmd+<
Edit->Code Folding->Unfold = cmd+shift+<

But even though the syntax is correct, it does not alter the shortcuts in Sublime Text and they remain at the inaccessible alt+cmd+[/alt+cmd+]

I've tried a test case, where I add the same keyboard shortcut to a different submenu item (Edit->Convert Case->Title Case) and this works no problem.

So I'm thinking there is something wrong with the Code Folding menu section specifically since it doesn't for some reason accept changes to its keyboard shortcuts.

Can someone else confirm the bug?

It is exceptionally irritating since code folding is pretty much a feature I can't live without and not having a keyboard shortcut for it is frustration. :(

Best, Jeppe
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Re: Code Folding Submenu Bug

Postby Zheness on Tue Apr 30, 2013 6:24 pm

Hi !

I have the same problem (Mac OS X 10.8.3) and French keyboard.

I have try the code folding in ST2 and ST3 but it's does'nt work...

The command cmd+k and cmd+j works but not the fold function.

I have also try to edit the preferences but without success...


PS: I apologize for my english
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