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documentation for subl in OSX terminal is wrong

documentation for subl in OSX terminal is wrong

Postby arquebus on Sun Mar 24, 2013 8:18 pm

The instructions in the official Sublime OSX console documentation is not correct, it says to put the link in ~/bin but as it turns out -/bin also does not exist on current versions of OSX and is not in the path by default if you create it. I checked stackoverflow and their simple fix is to just create the ~/bin directory and set it on the path by adding
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export PATH=$PATH:~/bin
to the .bash_profile, and I guess that would work, but I think that is redundant because I think its possible to put the path of subl executable directly in my .bash_profile. I think the best solution would be to choose another directory that is on the default path in OSX. Maybe some OSX experts here would know what the best directory for that would be.
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