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Viewing class properties and methods when instantiating

Viewing class properties and methods when instantiating

Postby daisy on Thu Apr 11, 2013 8:36 am

One feature of my previous editor (Zend Studio) that was very useful, and which I can't seem to replicate on ST2 is the ability to view class methods and properties in a prompt/drop down when you call or instantiate that class from elsewhere in your application. For example, if I have previously declared a class with a static method accepting 2 parameters, when I want to use this class, in Zend, the prompt will show me the available methods and the parameters within it. I'm probably missing something, but at the moment with ST2, when I want to use a class I have to refer to it in another tab so I know what method to use and which parameters to pass.
If this isn't possible with ST2 out of the box, is there a plugin which will do what I need?
Many thanks
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