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Change the style of highlights

Change the style of highlights

Postby unphased on Wed Apr 17, 2013 9:00 pm

Today I did a lot of searching and editing where I had lots of text highlighted by the Find feature (white outline around matched text) and I also use a word highlighting plugin which puts a white outline around words that the caret is on.

This became very irritating because it becomes difficult to tell which are the same words and which are the find-matches.

I'd like to know exactly what to stick into my .tmtheme in order to get the find-matches outlines to show up in a specific color. Better yet, make them in bubbles with a slightly darker background color or something to that effect, because outlines are too high-frequency especially under high-contrast conditions and once you get enough of them popping up it is painful.

I suspect that a more full featured plugin like the new BracketHighlighter can accomplish the "highlight cursored word" feature which could take me half way there, I just need the little bit of knowledge for tweaking the outline on the built-in Find matches.

facelessuser, I hope you're reading this; your plugins are mind-blowingly awesome. I know you know the answer to this :)
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