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Small ctrl-arrow delimiter issue

Small ctrl-arrow delimiter issue

Postby chuckiesmals on Tue Jul 06, 2010 2:00 pm

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# What characters are considered to separate words when using ctrl+arrows etc
wordSeparators ./\\()"'-:,.;<>~!@#$%^&*|+=[]{}`~?

I'm not sure if the behavior I'm noticing is intended, but I noticed that if there are multiple characters of a delimiter in succession, it gets treated as one "unit" when traversing a line.

For example if you have like, blargh(blargh(blargh())), if you are ctrl-arrow'ing back and forth, when going through the ))) part, it'll skip over the other )'s. Is this how it is to work? And if it is, is it possible to tweak so that you can have the cursor stop at each ')'?

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