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Sublime build Mysql

Sublime build Mysql

Postby edi9999 on Thu May 23, 2013 8:39 am

I would like to set up a **mysql builder** for sublime text, here is my `.sublime-build file`:

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   "cmd": ["mysql < C:/sql/test.sql > C:/sql/result.txt"],

This command works in the command line, but not in sublime (it throws [Error 2] The specified file was not found)

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: the command works if I add option
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, but I don't know why
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Re: Sublime build Mysql

Postby iamntz on Thu May 23, 2013 9:12 am

cmd accepts only an array of options, no spaces involved. So to have that working you should actually have:

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["mysql", "<", "C:/sql/test.sql", ">", "C:/sql/result.txt"]

(also you may change the slashes to double backslashes like so: c:\\sql..)
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