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[BUG][FIX] Valid C syntax marked as invalid.illegal

[BUG][FIX] Valid C syntax marked as invalid.illegal

Postby jix on Sat May 25, 2013 3:46 pm

The current ST3 build (3035) has incorrect syntax highlighting for this perfectly valid C code:
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int main
(int /*argc*/, char */*argv*/[])

It sees a */ without being in a comment and triggers invalid.illegal.stray-comment-end.c which has the match
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The solution is to exclude the case where the / is part of a block comment start, changing the whole pattern to:
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Actual use case: When working with -Wall it is not uncommon to use block comments around the names of knowingly unused parameters to silence the warning to actually notice when a parameter was left unused by accident (shadowing etc...).
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