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Comment problem in custom language package

Comment problem in custom language package

Postby cheese_nucleus on Sat May 25, 2013 7:19 pm


I'm new to Sublime Text and new to this forum. So, hello everyone!
I want to create a own language package / syntax highlighting from scratch. I did the basic tutorial and started an own tmLanguage file.
I wanted to include comments, so i copied from an existing comments preferences file. Basically i only need // to comment out a line of code.
But what i did seems to be ignored by Sublime Text.

My Comments file looks like this right now:

Code: Select all
{   "name": "Comments",
    "scope": "source.test",
    "settings": {
        "shellVariables": [
                "name": "TM_COMMENT_START",
                "value": "// "
    "uuid": "a56d5207-c6b0-4560-b1ed-fad04d101000"

Do i have to include the Comments file somewhere else in a preference file? My .tmLanguage file already works and i can select my own syntax highlighting from the menu.

Any help is appreciated!


Cheese Nuclues
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